A Brief Information about Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

People who want to grow and flower their cannabis plants in a short period of time often buy autoflowering seeds since it only takes 2-4 weeks before it flowers on its own. These kinds of cannabis seeds are often do not need strict compliance to be able to flower quickly.

How do plants achieve autoflowering characteristics?

Autoflowering seeds are usually the strains of indica or sativa plants that are crossbred with the Ruderalis. This type of cannabis plant grows in places that has a short summer season but with long daylight. Cannabis ruderalis flowers within 2-4 weeks.

What are the characteristics of autoflowering cannabis plants?

Autoflowering plants start to flower when they reach their maturity no matter how long it has been exposed to light. Mostly, autoflowering seeds start to flower on the 3rd week.

What are the advantages of planting auoflowering plants?

Autoflowering marijuana seeds can be harvested as much as three times a year if you will start to plant early as compared to the harvest time of cannabis sativa and cannabis indica itself. And since this type of plant flowers automatically, it is best for new growers.

This type of plant stays small and is best for areas that have limited space like balconies and small gardens. Sometimes, people call this a dwarf cannabis plant. Autoflowering seeds also have a short growth and flowering period that allows you to harvest within 60-70 days. Since this type of plant is a cross breed of ruderalis, it is resistant to mould and many diseases and is quite resistant to cold.

How to grow autoflowering seeds?

When you are planting autoflowering seeds, it will need more or less than 18 hours of light a day. That means from the time of germination until the time of harvest. It also favors airy soil that is low in nutrients. It only needs water during the 14 day period then you could add growth nutrient after that period.