AK-47 Marijuana Seeds


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More About AK-47

Mysterious Plant that Rules Most Top-List

AK-47 belongs to the world’s top strains and most loved by consumers as well as growers. All smokers and cannabis growers know about this heroic strain with 14 to 18 percent THC level. AK-47 grows dark, juicy, compact buds with a great spicy skunk-like fragrance. Its effect is a very powerful yet relaxed feeling and mellow. Its excellent beauty produces a high number of great yields. Growing AK-47 requires to install an odor control with an adequate air circulation because AK-47 is one of the pungent smell and odor as it grows.

Cultivators may also take good care of this plant because it is very susceptible to molds compared to other cannabis strains because of its juicy and very resin buds. It only reaches a medium height that makes it suitable for almost all setups. Growing it with soil or hydroponically makes it easy to grow the plant. It also grows well in an outdoor environment that has a mild climate that has a temperature of 25°C and up.

AK-47 will produce the same amount of yield that is at least 500 grams every meter square, but growing outdoors may make its buds become less dense and fluffy, making it a reason why most growers prefer to cultivate it indoors. The flowering cycle lasts up to 9 weeks due to its mostly Sativa strain makes it a pretty short flowering period.

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