Alien Gorilla Glue Marijuana Seeds


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More About Alien Gorilla Glue

One of a Kind Strain

Alien Gorilla Glue’s feminized seed exhibits two unalike but balances well-known genotypes, Alien Technology, Zkitllez, and the Gorilla Glue. Like its parents, this strain is also an Indica-dominant strain that makes it easier to grow and have a quick flowering cycle with 20 to 25 percent THC level. Consumers will definitely love its sweet and earthy taste with a little hint of pine. These Alien Gorilla Glue feminized seeds will offer every grower a great yield of buds that layered generously by a resin.

Thanks to its lineage genotypes that are praised by growers, that makes this hybrid every small cultivation worthy. Alien Gorilla Glue is a short plant that is able to grow in any given location, such as indoors with controlled surroundings, outdoors, and also in greenhouse gardens. Aside from that, its branch and stem are not required to install any support as it can carry its own heavy flowers. Growers may feel delighted as it just needs an infrequent face time that includes pruning those excess branches. This plant is also flexible that can resist such pests, pathogens, and moisture-related diseases.

Its flowering stage can only last up to 9 weeks with a maintaining temperature of 21 to 26°C in an indoor setup. With such an ideal environment, it can yield up to 600 grams every square meter. It is Indica genetics makes it naturally prosper in outdoors and can produce up to 500 grams of buds every plant.


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