Are Feminized Marijuana Seeds Better than the Regulars

If you are growing marijuana indoors or outdoors then buying marijuana seeds from the internet is a good move. And, you might also want to go for feminized marijuana seeds because they are better than the regulars. If you buy this kind of seeds then you will only be harvesting buds which you would like to smoke. Male marijuana plants will produce seeds which are not good for smoking.

What are feminized marijuana seeds?

Feminized marijuana seeds are a special kind of seeds which would provide you with buds only during harvest. Buds are what you want to smoke. They are genetically engineered by breeders so that any grower and smoker will have high quality smoke without the seeds in them.

Feminized Versus Regular Marijuana Seeds

Feminized marijuana seeds are all females and you are 99% sure that all marijuana seeds will grow into female marijuana plants. Regulars has a 50 – 50 probability that you will be growing female marijuana plants which means that if you buy 10 regular marijuana seeds then there is a chance that 5 of them will grow into females. Male plants produce seeds which are not good for smoking but if you are into growing marijuana plants then male might be good for you.

How much does feminized marijuana seed worth?

It depends on the kind of female seeds that you want to buy and it all depends on the marijuana seed bank that sells it. You can order feminized marijuana seeds on the internet and have them shipped right to your doorsteps in the soonest time possible. There are a lot of marijuana seed banks which operate their business on the internet. There are even some who are located in Canada and they offer worldwide discrete shipping to all their products including feminized marijuana seeds.