Auto CBD Ratio Marijuana Seeds


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More About Auto CBD Ratio 1:30

A Strain With Countless Medical Uses

Going beyond what is expected of them, breeders continue to surprise the cannabis community by developing powerful strains. With the CBD Ratio, cannabis users will able to reap the benefits of CBD without having to worry about being overwhelmed with a strong high. This specific strain offers the highest levels of CBD, reported to reach 30 percent with a very very low level of THC.

In cultivating this strain, the life cycle runs within nine weeks. The yields are reported to reach 500 grams worth of yields for indoor growing.

For this strain, there are numerous medical benefits that the Auto CBD Ratio 1:30 can help with. These fast-acting therapeutic benefits are long-lasting and also believed to be fast-acting. It is known for its anti-depressant properties, euphoric stimulation, mood management, calming effects, anxiolytic effects, promoting tranquillity, painkilling properties, among many other benefits.


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