B-52 Strain Seeds

B-52 Strain Details
  • This strain is highly recommended for hydroponic planting but it is also possible to grow it outdoors in climates like Spain. 16 plants can be grown per square meter in a hydroponic room. Highly recommended for hydroponic system enthusiasts. 16 plants can be grown per square meter in a hydroponic room.
  • According to the Nirvana Seed Bank, makers of the strain, the B-52 strain is named the way it is for the similarities to the bomber plane and the band. Itís a reliable variety with a huge payload just like the plane and it gives an upbeat energetic high just like the band. Itís a hybrid variety that comes from Big Bug and Skunk gene varieties. It is a sturdy plant and relatively easy to grow. It gives out a great yield because of its Big Buds origins and it gets its great taste and smell from of its Skunk origins.
  • The plant is strong enough to withstand an electronic conductivity of 2.6 without any symptoms of overfeeding. However, it is still best to provide optimal growing conditions to the plant in order to get maximum yield potential as well as maximum THC potency possible.
  • Its skunk origins provide a strong aroma that boasts sativa pungency when smoked. However thereís an almost equal presence of sativa and indica in the breed.
  • It leaves the mouth with a sweet and spicy taste. This breed is perfect for the connoisseurs of the skunk varieties looking for the signature skunk taste.
  • The plant can produce buds the size of a bottle that are dense with THC. When grown in optimal conditions or a suitable climate the plant can grow double its height during the flowering period.
  • The best thing about this strain is its yield. This was created with giving a big yield for skunk enthusiasts in mind making its buds a lot bigger than most varieties. It produces a yield of 600g per square meter and sometimes more.
  • This variety induces a special energetic high thatís good for day dreaming or listening to upbeat pop or rock music. It also gives a good buzz for partying and socialization.
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B-52 Strain Specifications
Type : Mostly Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 600g/m2 or more
Height : 152 cm
Flowering : 49 days
Stone : Energetic
THC level : Medium
Grow : Easy - Moderate

Tips for growers:

          The big bud nature of the strain may require you to tie stakes on the buds when itís too heavy for the plant. This can be done when the flowering period begins. Remember that the stakes may need to be adjusted when the plant grows bigger.