Blue Head Band Marijuana Seeds


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More About The Blue Headband

A Strain at the Top of Your Head

Rooting from the strains of Blueberry and 707 Headband, this strain has about fifteen to twenty-one percent of THC, plus 0.6 percent of CBD for you to chill out and heal as well. The Blueberry Headband is more suitable for indoor environments for best and most yields, but it can produce much more if you are willing to raise it outside.

The strain of Blueberry headband manifests as a bushy kind of plant with resinous leaves that appear like flowers. It is resistant to mold, making it a lot easier to grow for those who are new to raising cannabis and is also not prone to pest infestation. The colas of a Blue Headband can have a bit of weight that may need some support to avoid stems from breaking.

Indoors, you can collect as much as four hundred grams of yield with the help of the Sea of Green set up after its flowering period that lasts up to nine weeks. Enough sun exposure and warmth can help it flourish in an outdoor environment. Expect a great yield if your plant is in its optimum state because the Blueberry Headband can produce up to one thousand two hundred grams per plant!

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