Blue x Cream C Marijuana Seeds


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More About Blue x Cream C Autoflower

Deliciously Sweet and Soothing

The blend of the Blueberry and the Cream Cheese creates a beautiful hybrid that can be very hard to resist. The Blue x Cream C Autoflower possesses a fruity flavor and an undertone of creaminess and cheesiness that can help you with relieving stress and tension. When this strain is consumed in moderation, the user will experience a couch-lock that will last for hours.

When this strain is cultivated, you will be able to get a sturdy and small plant. For this specific reason, you will be able to grow it without needing too much space and it demanding too much of your time. Growing this strain will only require 10 to 11 weeks of growing, where about eight weeks will be used for flowering.

In an indoor growing area, you will be able to see about 40 to 70 cm height in your plant. When the time for harvest comes, you can get a recording of 350 to 400 grams of fruity buds per square meter indoors. For outdoors, you can get a yield of 50 to 100 grams per plant.

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