California Dream Marijuana Seeds


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More About California Dream

Sweet and Tasty Treat

You’re not dreaming of the impressive California Dream! California Dream has the power to give you a very relaxing first toke. This strain presents its best notes exactly to its taste and fragrance, such as a hint of citrus taste, pervasive mint, skunk, and sweet taste.

This strain also yields more in a warm climate like most strains. When the month of October comes, expect that this plant can bring as large as 800 grams of buds to every plant. If you are a beginner grower, try to have supervision of an experienced cannabis grower because this strain is enough to challenge to grow. It needs more space as well as your time and effort to raise it even though it was just a medium-sized plant.

It can reach up to four feet tall, with thick, rich green leaves; it grows more likely a Christmas tree shape. That agriculturist must take the guidance into it for nine weeks of flowering state, and it can harvest for as much as 450 grams of buds each square meter.

This cannabis strain is an Indica-dominant strain that consists of 20 to 25 percent THC content. California Dream produces a relaxing body of high feeling, just like most Indica strain features. This usually quickly hits the mind, and it will make one feel more active and creative. In addition, this strain also offers a very relaxing sensation that will last within an hour.

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