CBD, CBN, and THC of Marijuana Seeds – The High Effects Explained

If you are growing marijuana then you should know about the plants’ components which include THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD (Cannabidiol), and Cannabinol (CBN). Those are just some of the many components of marijuana which you can see in the websites of marijuana seedbanks and the brochure of the different marijuana dispensaries and seed retail stores near you.

If you buy marijuana seeds on the internet or from a local retail seed store then you should know about the levels of these components so that you will know the kind of marijuana high that you will be getting. The high effect that you will experience depends on the level of the marijuana components mentioned above.

High THC Content = Stronger Marijuana High

THC is responsible for the high effects of marijuana. The higher the level of THC in the marijuana seeds information in the website or in the brochure of your local marijuana seed stores means the stronger the high effect. Without THC, you won’t get the high.

High CBD = Medical Effects

High Levels of THC and low levels of CBD contents in your marijuana plants contribute to strong, energetic and clear headed high. While, high level of THC and high level of CBD will produce a strong head-stone that will leave you at a dreamlike state. Low level of THC with high level of CBD will make you buzzed or stoned , you feel tired and dull thus it is good for relaxation.

High CBN = Low THC

CBN is actually produced when THC ages and breaks down. Oxidization (or the process of breaking down THC) happens by this time. If this happens the user will feel messed up rather than feel high.

What now?

If you want to order marijuana seeds on the internet, make sure that you check on the THC, CBD and CBN levels which you can find in their information or details page.