Durban Poison Regular


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More About Durban Poison

  • This is considered to be a very famous strain which comes from Natal and is being grown all throughout South Africa.
  • This is actually considered to be an award winning cannabis for its strain has actually won the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup.
  • The Durban Poison seeds are very much carefully selected from the best cannabis growers.
  • This has been considered to be a pure strain and it has never been put to hybrid.
  • This cannabis has a large bud which is usually characterized by its long leaves. Its buds are also large and long and have very lots of resins.
  • It has that sweet licorice flavor or an anise flavor which gives that high which has the same effects to that of the Thai.
  • This is considered to be very beneficial for those people who are having insomnia, anorexia and ADHD.
  • The high that it provides is of that energetic kind. This sense of euphoria usually lasts for 2-3 hours.
  • Others characterize this as that having frosty and dense buds with fluffy yet big trichomes.
  • If you are an experienced grower, Durban Poison can also grow beautifully in an indoor gardening setting provided it has all the right elements for it to grow.
  • For those growers who want faster flowering, Durban Poison is the much recommended strain. This is very much suited to be crossed with other late bloomers in order to produce early flowering stages.
  • One of the best strategies in growing Durban Poison is to not allow the cannabis heavily in an upward growth. On node 7 or node 8, the grower must already pinch them out by taking off the two branches on the bottom off.
  • The secondary branches must be perfectly cut for up to 3 to 4 nodes on that same day when flowering has started.
  • When one proceeds to final planning, it must be snug to be just over 2 feet from the seed 1.5 feet from the cut.


Type : Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : High
Height : Short -Medium
Flowering : 8-9 weeks
Stone : Strong and Long Lasting
THC level : 8.6%
Grow : Easy

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