Early Skunk x C99 Marijuana Seeds


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More About Early SkunkxC99 

A Skunky Daytime Smoke!

This strain is a child of Early Skunk crossed with Cinderella 99. It contains 15-21% THC, which is enough to get you high, relaxed, and even locked to the couch for an hour or longer. It induces a balanced high that will keep you energetic, euphoric, and mentally focused. You will also feel uplifted and relaxed for a long time.

Take your first toke and get ready for a sudden rush of energetic sensation hitting your brain. Eventually, the blanket of joy and relaxation will wrap you. Your taste buds will enjoy a good mix of notes and hints. These include the notes of citrus and skunk mixed with the hints of earthiness and sweetness.

This strain is best for beginners and experienced growers. It maintains a manageable structure and is best for indoor and outdoor cultivation. By giving it proper care and attention while it blooms, it won’t hesitate to reward you with medium to above-average yields.

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