Free Marijuana Seeds – What’s the Hype

There are a lot of online marijuana seed banks where you can buy marijuana seeds from. They are giving away some free marijuana seeds when you order their premium marijuana seeds. Yes, that’s right. That’s how the game in the marijuana industry is going. There is actually a very strong competition in the industry and with that the consumers are actually gaining some advantages. You will be getting more than the value of your money if you order high quality yet cheap marijuana seeds on the internet.

Why do the online marijuana seed banks do this?

The competition is getting stiffer and they will do their best to get a lot of customers who are willing to buy more from them. With that, they will try to tell the customers that they are the best marijuana seed bank on the internet by providing high quality products, excellent customer care, and some free marijuana seeds. Just because they are free, it doesn’t mean that they are low quality. They are of high quality standards and they will grow.

Will the free marijuana seeds grow?

Yes, they will grow and they have the same quality with the regulars. However, they are mixed which means that you are getting unknown and random strains which are handpicked from their premium collection of marijuana seeds which they want you to try so that you will try and taste their new strains.

How to tell if the marijuana seed bank is legitimate?

Read reviews and feedback from real customers by signing up in marijuana growing forums, and reading blogs and a lot more. There is an ample of information about them on the internet. Look for them and you should find a lot.

The ever growing weed industry has opened a door to a lot of marijuana businesses and of course to a lot of growers and smokers. You and I have a wide array of options for high quality cannabis seeds that are very much affordable and are high quality now.