Feminized Great White Strain Seeds

Great White Feminized
Great White Feminized Strain Details
  • Great White Shark Feminized is an easy to grow cannabis plant with good potency. I has high CBD content.
  • Great White feminized marijuana strain originated from Super Skunk, Brazilian and South Indian cannabis plant genetics.
  • This cannabis plant grows taller and with bigger buds as compared to other strains.
  • It is a short bushy plant. During the end of the flowering period, this weed develops a thick frosting of trichosomes that yields a fantastic resin production.
  • When planted outdoors, this weed will be ready around the end of September in the North or end of April in the South Hemispheres.
  • It has an excellent taste with a sour undertone that hangs in the mouth for a few seconds and with a very strong high when smoked.
  • Great White Feminized has an intense floral fragrance with a hint of fruity scents and a wintergreen underlying odor.
  • Its THC content brings the strong effect that can be experienced in the body as a deep and long-lasting stone.
  • This medical cannabis plant is highly valued by the medicinal users for its effectiveness in pain therapy.
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Note for Growers

          Great White is very easy to grow that even the new growers wonít have any trouble growing. If you are a beginner then you donít want to miss this high quality marijuana strain.

Great White Feminized
Strain Specifications
Type : Mostly Indica
Climate : Indoor/ Outdoor/ Greenhouse
Yield : 500 to 800 gr/sqm
Height : Medium
Flowering : 7 - 9 weeks
Stone : Very strong
THC level : 14%
Grow : Easy - Moderate