Growing Award-winning Marijuana Seeds

Awards are given every year to recognize different cannabis strains with exceptional qualities. The marijuana seeds will be awarded depending on categories. The Product Cup, Import Hash Cup, Sativa Cup, Indica Cup and Nether Hash are the usual classifications for the weed strains. The different strains will be given award during Cannabis Cups which are usually held at Amsterdam. Several seed banks are working hard to make their own line of marijuana strains and seeds so they can be recognized and awarded during Cannabis Cup events. It is a good idea to grow a Cannabis Cup winner marijuana strain because if seeds are cultivated under the best growing condition, growers can expect massive yield of high quality buds. Other excellent features of award-winning marijuana seeds are: fast-flowering time, ease in growing, high yield, pest-resistant and high THC level.

What are benefits of growing award-winning marijuana seeds?

Cannabis Cup and other award-winning marijuana strains are awarded because of their exceptional characteristics such as being easy to grow, having a short flowering period and producer of massive buds having high THC level. Growing an award-winning marijuana seeds is also good for beginners because most are good starter cannabis strains that can easily be cultivated even by those who have no experience yet in marijuana growing. Provided with adequate and right type of nutrients and optimum growing conditions, these award-winning seeds are expected to grow into healthy plants able to produce high yield of quality buds.

What are some of the award-winning marijuana seeds?

During the Cannabis Cup event which usually happens in Amsterdam during Novembers, several breeders, pot enthusiasts and growers gather for the awarding of different marijuana seeds and strains having exceptional qualities. Among the award-winning marijuana seeds and strains you can choose to grow are Big Bud, Ak 47, Blueberry, Great White Shark Feminized, Jack Herer, Ice, Haze Special, Euforia Feminized, Dutch Dragon, El Nino, Bubblegum, Chocolate Chunk and Arjanís Haze Ultra #1.