Harlequin Marijuana Seeds


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More About Harlequin 

A Monster in Potency and Yields

One of the best indica-dominant strains. Harlequin stands out when it comes to potency and yield. That’s because it possesses the admirable genetics of Colombian Gold, Swiss sativa, and a Thai strain. This combination has led to the creation of a cannabis strain that is best for therapeutic purposes.

The Harlequin is an incredible smoke to use if you’re dealing with a medical condition. This strain contains more CBD but less THC, allowing you to experience total relief without the unwanted psychedelic high.

It works like a happy pill that induces a euphoric sensation. The surprise doesn’t stop there. This euphoric feeling will disappear, paving the way for a relaxing, uplifting, and sedating feeling. At the same time, your taste buds will have fun with the notes of tropical fruits, sugar, and citrus.

You will also enjoy the experience of cultivating Harlequin. As a beginner-friendly cannabis strain, it is not demanding that it makes a nice addition to any garden!

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