How to Achieve Germination Results from Your Marijuana Seeds

Planting cannabis seeds and making it grow is not as hard as it seems if you will only take time to learn the proper way of cultivating it. You can grow your marijuana plant according to your preference as long as you know what you are doing.

How to cultivate cannabis plants indoor?

The most important thing to do before planting your cannabis seeds is to make sure that you understand the qualities of each variety of cannabis plants. If you have more time, you can also find out the types and qualities of the different hybrids.

You can grow your seeds on any medium you choose like aquaponic, hydroponic or just simply soil. If you are new in planting cannabis, you can choose a good soil and the appropriate fertilizer for your plant. The space where you plan on planting your marijuana seeds must also be large enough with enough room for oxygen to flow. It is also important to install light bulbs or fluorescents that may provide suitable heat and light for your plant.

How to germinate your cannabis seeds?

There is the simplest way to germinate the cannabis seeds. It is important to know that seeds need moisture and dark environment. If you want it done in your home, you can put the seeds in between two tissues moist with water. The seeds must be placed apart from each other. Then place it on a saucer covered with another saucer. If you are quite fascinated with science laboratories, you may use watch glass instead of the saucers to be able to see if the seeds have already roots coming out.

How to know if your germination process is successful?

If you have seen the roots coming out of the seeds, then you have achieved the germination of the cannabis seeds. Be careful when transferring the germinated seeds in a small pot.