How to Tell if the Cannabis Seed is Excellent to Grow

The quality of the seeds is very important if you want to have a successful marijuana growing project. Marijuana seeds that are of high quality can assure any grower with high germination rate. To grow the best marijuana plants and obtain high yield, start only with top quality marijuana seeds which you can buy from reputable seed banks and other breeders. Cannabis strains have different characteristics and in making your choice of seeds, consider the place where you want to grow them and choose only the good quality ones for high success in germination.

How do good marijuana seeds look like?

Good quality marijuana seeds have hard and intact shells. Compared to immature marijuana seeds that appear whitish or green and old seeds that are nearly black, the good seeds look waxy. Using the right germination method and under the right level of temperature, the good marijuana seeds can assure you of 85% to 100% success in germination. Keep in mind that only good marijuana seeds can produce healthy marijuana plants with potent and quality buds. Do not choose weak marijuana seeds that are old or immature because they will most likely fail to germinate or will only grow into weaker plants.

What are the factors that may cause marijuana seeds fail to germinate?

Even good quality marijuana seeds cannot assure you of high percentage of germination if you fail to follow the right instructions of the germination process. Marijuana seeds may fail to germinate if the temperature is either too cold or too hot. If using one of the most effective methods of seed germination like the paper towel method, the seeds may not germinate if you allow the paper towels to get dry or they are too wet. For best results, place the marijuana seeds in a dark area and provide them with just enough warmth and moisture.