Indica or Sativa Marijuana Seeds – Which is Best to Grow

Marijuana seeds are commonly classified as sativa, indica and hybrid (combination of indica and sativa traits). The best pot seeds to grow are the ones that will suit your needs and your desired high. Before you buy a pack of marijuana seeds, decide first whether you want to grow indoors or outdoors. Most sativa strains are best to grow outdoors because of their height while indica strains are good to have indoors because of their ability to maintain a smaller stature.

What is the difference between sativa and indica marijuana seeds?

It might not be possible to determine if it is indica, sativa or hybrid by just merely looking at the marijuana seeds. Each type has its own characteristics and the best way to tell whether it is a sativa, indica or hybrid is during the vegetative phase. Look through the leaves of the plants and their height because this is the best way to tell if you are growing indica or sativa seeds. The type of marijuana seeds you will grow will determine the kind of effect you will feel as you smoke the buds.

What are the characteristics of indica and sativa marijuana strains?

Sativa and indica are the two main types of marijuana strains. Sativa marijuana seeds are known to grow taller, leggy and often sparse leaves with long, slender but very potent buds. It is characterized by its uplifting and energetic high. Sativas are also known for their high THC level, giving any smoker a real cerebral high. Indica marijuana seeds can grow short and bushy up to a medium height, that’s why they are mostly preferred for indoor growing. Typically, indica plants can grow rounder, wider and with several smaller side colas. Indicas are known to produce a pleasant body buzz which is perfect for relaxation and for relieving stress and pain. It is the common choice for evening smoking because of its ability to produce overall calmness and serenity.