Orka (Tipo Moby) Marijuana Seeds


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More About Orka (Tipo Moby) Autoflower

Easy Grow Sativa Dominant Strain

The Orka (Tipo Moby) Autoflower is a Sativa leaning hybrid strain that was created through crossing the Moby Dick to a ruderalis strain. This award-winning strain is considered a great autoflower option for medicinal and recreational users, influenced by its quick life cycle that lasts for 70 to 80 days as well as moderate 13 percent to 17 percent THC levels.

Compared to other autoflowers, this strain is a little taller, becoming a general medium-sized plant. Recommended for beginner growers, the Orka (Tipo Moby) has a cultivation requirement that is easy for any cannabis enthusiast to learn.

Should you decide on cultivation, you should take note that this strain thrives on humid climates and prefers growing indoors. Outdoor growing usually has a harvest averaging 60 to 150 grams. On the other hand, indoor cultivation with the best conditions can produce a yield of 400 to 500 grams of buds per square meter.

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