Problems During Germination – How to Make Sure Your Marijuana Seeds Grow

Planting cannabis seeds without a problem can be fulfilling. However, not all people can be successful in achieving germination for their seeds which can be very disappointing. Most of the time, this happens when the seed was not properly taken care of during the germination process or sometimes during the shipment itself.

What are the factors that cause cannabis seeds to die?

Extreme conditions do not allow cannabis seeds to germinate such as being too wet, too hot, too cold, too shallow, soli being too firm or too loose. Everything must be just the right mount to make room for the seeds to properly germinate.

Sometimes, there is a soil fungus that makes the seeds rot or make the seedling fall over. There are also times that when you received the marijuana seeds from the seller, the seeds are already dehydrated and dead. You must ensure that your seeds are stored in a proper place to prevent it from deteriorating.

How to ensure growth of cannabis seeds?

If you want a successful germination before planting your cannabis seeds in the medium, you must ensure that you keep the seeds moist and not soaking wet. The germination medium must not be disturbed and make sure that it is warm. Take note that it must be warm and not too hot or the seeds will die.

How to make sure your plant is healthy

Once the germination process is achieved, you must avoid touching the roots and transfer it slowly and gently to the growing medium. Make sure that you check the seeds regularly if you are not germinating on the growing medium. Always plant your seeds with root down so the seeds will not take more time in reorienting itself before it can surface from the growing medium or pot. Lastly, do not plant the seed too deep from the soil.