Purple Thai Marijuana Seeds


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More About Purple Thai Feminized

Excellent Strain For Waking and Baking

Made through the combination of the Afghan Kush and the Purple Thai, the feminized seeds of the Purple Thai promise a strong potency that average from 20 percent to 24 percent. This strain is a descendant of Thailand’s oldest Sativa landraces and is famous for its shiny purple colors.

In terms of cultivation, this strain thrives better when they are grown in a tropical environment. The Purple Thai will thrive more when they are exposed to moisture and sunshine. With a slightly longer flowering stage, an indoor set up of this strain completes producing flowers by 11 to 13 weeks. The rewards to reap by the cultivators amount to 650 grams per square meter.

If you are seeking a larger yield, you can for planting outdoors. Under the best conditions, you can reap a jaw-dropping 1000 grams of buds per plant.

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