Sativa Versus Indica – Which Marijuana Seeds to Buy and Grow

Sativa or indica marijuana seeds, which one would you go for? This question is actually commonly asked in the neighborhood and even on the internet. These are the two major types of marijuana and you might want to ask which really is the best marijuana strain to grow indoors or outdoors or the mix of two.

Before we dig in to the direct answer to this question, let’s discuss what are Indica and Sativa marijuana seeds.

What is Sativa?

A Sativa plant is a major type of cannabis. This is characterized by its height. It tends to grow taller and thinner than the Indica marijuana plants. Sativa plants are better suited for outdoor marijuana growing because some of them reaches 25 feet in height. When smoked, Sativa will make you feel awake and energized.

What is Indica?

Indica are typically short and wide marijuana plants. The high produced by smoking Indica bud is a strong body high that will leave you couch locked or sleepy. It provides a deep relaxation feeling compared to Sativa.

Which of the two is better?

We can only count the number of pure sativa and pure indica nowadays. Most of the marijuana seeds for sale on the internet and even in your local dispensaries are hybrids which mean that they are already a mix of the two. However, there are strains which have dominant sides.

It’s up to you to whether or not go for Sativa or Indica because each of them has its own way of growing and high which would really depends upon the grower and the smoker of this weed.

So here’s the answer to the question: Which marijuana seeds to buy and grow? You can buy any of the marijuana type for as long as you know where to grow and the effects of the smoke. It’s your responsibility to make sure that there will be no problem with your grow.