Ways of Storing Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana seeds can be stored in an airtight container with desiccant inside to absorb excess moisture that may be present. The container can be placed inside the refrigerator but do not freeze. The seeds can last for several years given this type of condition. Exposure to light will decrease the quality of the pot seeds, so they are best stored in an airtight container like film canisters placed in a dark and cool environment. If you want your pot seeds to last longer while maintaining quality, regularly keep track the humidity level and temperature.

What is the proper way of storing marijuana seeds?

Store the marijuana seeds properly to maintain quality for several years. Poorly stored cannabis seeds may not sprout. The proper way of storing marijuana seeds is by placing them in a cupboard or any area that is dark, dry and cool. Do not expose them to direct sunlight because too much exposure to light may lessen their quality. Store the seeds in a vacuum sealed package. A desiccant is placed inside the container to remove moisture. Most commonly used desiccant is the silica gel. Seeds can also be placed inside the refrigerator and quality can be maintained even for several years. Do not freeze the marijuana seeds because freezing may cause cellular structure damage. If you are storing several kinds of marijuana seeds, label each pack for proper distinction.

What are the factors that will affect the quality of the marijuana seeds being stored?

Marijuana seeds can last for several years with proper storage. The quality of the pot seeds is affected by factors such as humidity and light. Too much cold can also lessen their quality, resulting to low germination rate. Excessive humidity will affect seed quality and may invite molds to thrive in and affect the marijuana seeds. Exposure to sunlight may also decrease seed quality. Do not store the marijuana seeds in an area where they are exposed to light. Best storage would be a dark and dry place.