Will Free Marijuana Seeds Grow

If you have tried ordering marijuana seeds on the internet then you should know that there are marijuana seed banks which offer free marijuana seeds that will be shipped together with your order for as long as you reach the minimum amount of total payable cost. Just because they are free doesnít mean that they are low quality and wonít grow.

Why is it that the free cannabis seeds are high quality?

Thatís the actually the common question that most people ask. Well, the free marijuana seeds are for marketing purposes and it wonít serve its purpose if they are not high quality. How can you market your marijuana seed products if in the first place they wonít germinate? It would tell a lot about the company and companies donít want to take the risk.

What are the strains that will be sent to me as free marijuana seeds?

The free marijuana seeds strains will be random. They are randomly picked from the high quality marijuana strains of the marijuana seed bank so that you can try their strains that you have tried growing or smoked yet. This is one way of telling you that ďhey, you can try this out and youíll like it for sureĒ.

There are a lot of marijuana seed banks out there which offer this promo to their customers. Even though itís a marketing style, there are still some marijuana seed banks which just send free seeds because they always want to get some sales. They usually forget about the purpose of the free weed seeds. They usually send low quality marijuana seeds because they are free. Those who are doing this kind of marketing have been out of business already or if they still survive it, then they are already on its way to bankruptcy.