Auto CBD Fruit Cheese (1:2) Marijuana Seeds


The Auto CBD Fruit Cheese (1:2) Marijuana Strain is 25% Indica, 25% Sativa, and 50% Ruderalis. This strain is a combination of Auto CBD and Cheese XXL Auto. The strain has a 1:2 ratio of THC and CBD, which means that this strain contains a higher CBD content than its THC content. The THC content of this strain 6% only while its CBD content is very high at 12%. Users will feel the pleasant cheese and floral flavors mixed with citrus, sour, and pine flavors that make users smoke more.

The Auto CBD Fruit Cheese (1:2) Marijuana Strain is challenging to cultivate indoors or outdoors since it requires much attention. When growing indoors, the flowering period of this strain is 10 to 11 weeks only, and it will produce 450 grams to 500 grams per square meter. When cultivating in an outdoor setting, the strain can yield 60 grams to 170 grams per plant, and the harvest period will depend on the regions.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Auto CBD Fruit Cheese (1:2)?

The Auto CBD Fruit Cheese (1:2) marijuana strain offers exceptional flavors, which is why this strain is considered first-class among the cheese flavored strains. The flavor profile of this strain is not just purely cheese, but it also offers a tart and floral taste to induce a drooling sensation.

Users can describe the Auto CBD Fruit Cheese (1:2) Marijuana Strain effects as drenching the body in a bathtub with lukewarm water, leaving a blissful state. A relaxing and calming sensation will start to manifest the body and mind while appreciating this strain’s aroma and flavors. The mental high will eliminate the depressive ideas and will invite optimistic and happy emotions. As the head high rises, users can feel buzzing chills running in their spine that will spread all over the body rendering a peaceful and relaxing sensation. This strain is best used during bedtime since it will induce a quiet and undisturbed sleep.

What are the Medical Benefits of Auto CBD Fruit Cheese (1:2)?

The Auto CBD Fruit Cheese (1:2) marijuana strain truly shines in the medicinal field. This strain was bred to have a higher CBD content than its THC level. Its 12% CBD content helps alleviate mental conditions like chronic stress, anxiety attacks, and depression. The CBD’s analgesic and anti-inflammatory will help patients suffering from chronic pains, neurological disorders, headaches, and migraines. This strain is also beneficial for patients with a hard time sleeping since this strain’s effects will relax the limbs and wash away all the burdens, leading the user to a lovely goodnight’s sleep.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Auto CBD Fruit Cheese (1:2)

Although it is beneficial for the medicinal community, this strain also carries minor side effects like cotton-mouth and dry eyes that are usually accommodated by redness and itchiness. Consumers can easily manage these minor adverse effects by drinking plenty of water and applying an eye drop moisturizer to the eyes. Some users may experience headaches and migraines the following day.

How to Grow Auto CBD Fruit Cheese (1:2)

The Auto CBD Fruit Cheese (1:2) marijuana strain is not ideal for beginners and inexperienced growers since this is difficult to cultivate. Even seasoned and expert growers have a hard time mastering its developing process. Make sure to put everything in moderation since this strain will not yield due to the intense stress, excessive watering, and trimming because the plants will run out of time to recover. It is recommended to use soft gloves when checking this strain to reduce the plant’s risk. Since this strain is an autoflowering plant, it takes only 10 to 11 weeks of the flowering period. Other regions start to harvest in the early weeks of April, while other areas harvest their crops in the late weeks of October.

When growing indoors, this strain will demand a bright light for the absolute best results. Install a 600-watt or any higher sodium discharge lamp. Growers can use trellis nets to help stretch the branches to allow the light to penetrate its lower parts and improve the air circulation spreading the air evenly. When successfully developed, the strain offers 450 grams to 500 grams per square meter.

This strain thrives well and yields more in outdoor settings with stable temperatures and mild humidity. This strain is naturally immune to pests, mildews, and diseases. Since this strain grows vertically, trimming this strain will control its height and generate new growing points. This strain can yield 60 grams to 170 grams per plant.


Auto CBD Fruit Cheese (1:2) Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: 25% Indica 25% Sativa 50% Ruderalis, Autoflowering
Genetics Parents: Auto CBD x Cheese XXL Auto
Flowering Period: 10 to 11 Weeks
Climate: Tropical, Temperate, Mediterranean, Continental
Yield: (Indoors) 450-500 g/m2, (Outdoors) 60-170 g/plant
Flavors: Floral, Citrus, Cheese, Sour, Pine
THC Level: 6%
CBD Level: 12%
Height: 75-150 cm
Harvest Period: Early April or Late October
Growing Difficulty: Difficult


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