Autoflowering Berry Feminized

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Autoflowering Berry Feminized strain is a quick-flowering strain capable of blooming in just 7 to 9 weeks. It is a small plant with sweet, flowery, and berry flavors and aromas. It will flower with no need for any special lighting schedule, plus it’s all-female with no problems with accidental pollination.

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More About Autoflowering Berry Feminized

  • Lowryder, Grapefruit, and Blueberry marijuana strains were crossed to produce Berry Autoflowering Feminized.
  • It is more than what its mother plants have to offer. Better stone effect, more resin, and better flavor.
  • It is short and stout and it autoflowers within 60-70 days from seeds.
  • The smell and taste is like a blueberry fruit that’s why it’s named after it.
  • If you are growing outdoors, you should start in March and it will be ready for harvest in May.
  • Auto Berry Feminized can be grown indoors and outdoors. It has a high germination rate and very easy to grow that even beginners can grow it with minimal problems only.
  • If you are in a hurry to have a high-quality smoke, then this is the strain for you. Quick flowering yet a good yielder which can reach up to 450 g/m2.


Type : Ruderalis X Indica X Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 350 – 450 g/m2
Height : Very short
Flowering : 8 Weeks
Stone : Strong
THC level : 17.5%
Grow : Easy

5 reviews for Autoflowering Berry Feminized

  1. Brice Mailly

    Nice stuff very smooth with great aroma and taste. The buds itself are very good shape very thick buds and have a nice sweet and blueberry fruit smell. Grow was extremely easy for any who wants to take an Autoflowering strain. Would definitely recommend these autoflowering berry feminized.

  2. RabicanC

    It’s an easy plant with a lot of flowers and the aroma is absolutely phenomenal. I really enjoy the flavor and the buzz and the grow was really easy, fun, and straightforward. Great producer and gives off a smell and taste is like a blueberry fruit. I highly recommend this strain!

  3. Torrie Gale

    Growing this strain is a breeze! Autoflowering Berry feminized strain is something everyone can grow in their garden easily. You need not great at it. Just follow the steps and after 6-7 weeks you will already see the results and experience euphoria like no other.Two thumbs up!

  4. Frank Harris

    I can see why both experienced and novice growers love Autoflowering Berry Feminized; it grows well even if you commit some errors in the procedure. I’d say, it is because of its perfect genetics that contributes to it’s flexibility and speed of growth. I enjoyed the process of cultivating it in my backyard!

  5. Daniel Henderson

    Growing this strain has been one of my greatest joys recently. I need not worry about the short summers in our region because this strain just grows being an Autoflower. Aside from that, all seeds are feminized so I am certain that they all grow as females. Smoking this one is an entirely different experience from the once I had with the previous strains I used. I just can’t get enough of it!

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