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Feminized Big Bud Strain Seeds

Big Bud Feminized
Big Bud Feminized Strain Details
  • This type of strain provides high amount of harvest for an easy to grow and low maintenance strain. It is well known for delivering great yields while the quality is still very high. Although it is considered to be not as fast as the other types, the wait for the extra time is worth the wait. The influences of Skunk properties improve its potency which blends really well with the smooth and longer lasting high.
  • It was in the 1980s, this strain that was created USA was brought to Holland where it was continually improved and polished as how it is known today. These types of buds are primarily created for the purpose of getting a high yield. Over the improvements, it was found to have a great percentage of THC resin with rich aroma.
  • While this type is considered to be not one of the top rated quality weed with a TCH level of 15%, the body bake is instant and typically lasts for a while.
  • It can be grown both indoor and outdoor. Between the two, however, indoor planting is highly recommended because it is an easy target for insects and pests. Flowering are recommended to start earlier because this strain can grow very tall and if there is not enough space indoor, the branches will not have space to grow into. If you are planning to grow Big Bud Feminized Strain outdoors, it would be very ideal for those who plan to start the flowering later. It is important to note that after the flowering stage, it could double its height and there is no better place to do it but outdoors. While this is good for producing high yield, the exposure of your strain to insects and pests is high if it�s planted outdoors. This is why it has to be watched even more closely when done outdoors. In addition, during the flowering stage, it is highly recommended to tie them together to support the branches as the buds grow.
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Big Bud Feminized
Strain Specifications
Type : Hybrid
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 450 - 600 g/m�
Height : 50 - 80 cm
Flowering : 8 - 9 weeks
Stone : Relaxing High
THC level : High
Grow : Easy - moderate

Tips for growers:

          Growers have the option to grow this strain indoor or outdoor, but with the considerations of it being an easy target for insects and pests, indoor growing is a better option. However, if they do want to get taller produce, they can plant outdoors. The only thing is, they would need to pay a closer look to maintaining the area away from pests and insects.

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