Blue Mystic Feminized

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Blue Mystic Feminized cannabis strain is a cross between a potent Flo, a legendary Afghani, and a versatile Blueberry. It is a strain with delicious fruity tastes that will get you instantly hooked. Blue Mystic Feminized is a relaxing strain which can give you euphoria and induce creativity. It may be cultivated indoors or outdoors.

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More About Blue Mystic Feminized

  • Blue Mystic Feminized is a type of Cannabis plant which is fruity or herbal in flavor and produces heavy buds in shiny shades of blue depending on the amount of light received.
  • It can be planted indoors to increase the success rate since it is sensitive to extreme environments with factors such as light and proper fertilizers used. Since it is feminized, buds instead of seeds are expected to grow for the harvest.
  • It grows in a manner similar to North Light as it shows a unique appearance in its strains that creates the blue hue that once smoked may be berry-like or fruity in taste. Users are most likely to experience a body buzz as an effect that could initiate a relaxing effect on every area in the body.
  • The good thing in planting Blue Mystic feminized marijuana seeds is the retained neutral smell during the planting period. The flowering phase may give out some aroma until the time for harvest but it shall be just light or indistinct at all.


Type : Mostly Indica
Climate : Indoor
Yield : 350 – 450 g/m2
Height : up to 120 cm
Flowering : 7 – 9 Weeks
Stone : Relaxing Effect
THC level : 12%
Grow : Easy

2 reviews for Blue Mystic Feminized

  1. ArridanoB

    This was my first grow ever and I think it went pretty well. It was a really nice grow, the strain stretched a bit much but the taste and smell of the buds are quite good. She was easy to grow and a nice smoke definitely I’ll run her again.

  2. Ola C.

    Super easy to cultivate! Had a successful yield and the buds were massive! I also love looking at them ’cause they are so pretty. I enjoyed the blueberry taste of this strain, so fruity and sweet to my taste buds. Experienced a great and relaxing high with this. Thanks, MJ Seeds Canada!

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