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Blue Widow Strain Seeds

Blue Widow
Blue Widow Strain Details
  • Blue Widow Marijuana strain is a result of the cross breeding of Blueberry and White Widow marijuana strains. Both are known to be premium marijuana types thus Blue Widow is really a high quality marijuana strain that you don�t want to miss in your weed garden.
  • It produces a chewing gum smell and it turns from blue to purple and even quite reddish in extremely low temperatures.
  • Taller than the White Widow and produces fat purple buds.
  • This aromatic strain grows well in either continental or Mediterranean climate but can also dwell in any given climate for as long you are giving it the right light, fertilizer, soil, and many others indoors.
  • When this strain starts to flower, it can double up in its size so you better watch out and you might want to prepare your grow room for it.
  • It gives a strong floaty effect and way more powerful than the original strains such as Blueberry and White Widow.
  • Blue Widow is a very effective medication for headaches, nausea and even being used to induce a person's appetite.
  • The budding might appear to be slow at first but when it does, small orange hairs would appear which are then covered by shiny glands.
  • The smell is strong, the kind that would surely tingle your nose which is pretty much amazing.
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Blue Widow
Strain Specifications
Type : Mostly Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : High
Height : up to 3 m
Flowering : 50-55 days
Stone : Strong and long lasting effect
THC level : 12 � 16%
Grow : Easy

Note for Growers

          Blue Widow can be grown by new growers without any difficulty. While this strain has good resistance to molds, extra care and attention should still be given in its last two weeks of flowering since the appearance of molds might be in its peak because of the growing size of the buds. Give it enough of everything so that you can get the best harvest. You don�t want to miss this strain in your collection.

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