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Bubblegum Strain Seeds

Bubblegum Strain Details
  • Bubblegum is a sativa dominant strain which requires a cool temperature in order to grow properly and yield great results.
  • Bubblegum has a pleasing hue of green with pretty orange and purple hairs in trichomes. It has a pungent but fruity scent but can be smelled in the entire room even with a small quantity.
  • It is liked by a lot of people because it produces a beautiful smoke. The effects can just make one sit down and do nothing and will last for about three hours on an average amount. If someone goes way too much than the average amount, this strain could make them feel very sleepy.
  • A strain that went through a lot of stages until it was perfected to produce the current sweet smelling strain that strongly resembles the taste of bubble gum. It provides a euphoric high.
  • This strain started off from America and when it reached Holland, went to a process that is attributed to the current properties it has right now. A huge improvement and higher quality weeds.
  • The bubblegum strain could possibly grow into two structure or builds. One would be likened to a pole with abundant branching from the main stem while the other one is likened to a pole with smaller or less side branches. Between the two, the second build typically goes into flowering stage earlier and the height is shorter than the first build. In addition, the first build is typically left to grow on its own and under normal circumstances, allowed to have longer maturity process which allows higher production of yields.
  • It is also used for its medicinal attributes such as aiding people having nausea and vomiting issues. It can also help people with psychiatric symptoms such as anxiety disorders, sleep issues, bipolar concerns and dysthymia.
  • It is also used by patients who are faced with lack of appetite but they do not want to take any synthetic drug whether prescribed or over the counter.
  • While the effects of Bubblegum are generally favorable, some smokers report to experiencing dryness of the mouth and eyes after using it.
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Strain Specifications
Type : Mostly Indica
Climate : Indoor
Yield : 400 � 500 g/m2
Height : 40 � 60 cm
Flowering : 8 � 9 Weeks
Stone : Stoned Buzz
THC level : 12 � 15%
Grow : Easy

Tips for growers:

          This can be grown either indoors or outdoors. For those who plan to grow it indoors, the clone grow time is between seven to fourteen days with a flowering period of 56 to 63 days. The typical yield would be 300 to 450 g per square meters. For those who prefer outdoor growing, however, they have to ensure that the environment is cool to create an ideal temperature for it. The typical harvest time would be from middle until the end of October.

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