Cheese Regular

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Cheese Regular is a classic indica-dominant strain with a flavorful to stenchy smell and taste. It is a relaxing, calming, and euphoric strain that’s also a medical treatment for migraines, muscle pain, and spasms, depression, anxiety, stress, and arthritis. It is not a beginner strain as it can be very finicky to cultivate.

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More About Cheese Marijuana

  • It has those distinct buds which are colored emerald. These buds are covered with trichomes and some hairy substance with a shade of orange to reddish color. It has that sweet berry smell. One can particularly smell the fruit cherry or the mixed cherry odor.
  • The main reason why it is being called so because it literally smells like cheese especially in its growing phase.
  • Cheese strain has that particular fruity yet skunky aftertaste. The most dominant flavor of cheese marijuana is that it has that very dominant earthy flavor.
  • It is highly recommended for medicinal uses. In fact, it has been considered to be the most renowned medicinal quality when it comes especially to pain treatment.
  • For beginners who are about to try this strain, be wary. It may cause some severe panic attacks on the user especially if such will be taken more than one should.
  • It gives that happy and uplifting effect on the user. It will instantly make you smile the moment you start to taste it.
  • You will be expecting high euphoria with an eased feeling.
  • During flowering, it is important that LED has helped the marijuana strain to keep itself from stretching too hard and too fast.
  • When it starts to really get bushy as it normally should, cropping is the best way to address the issue.
  • This strain of cheese cannabis is better when topped especially when it becomes really bushy. Not putting on some nutes are okay especially during the first few weeks while the plant is still attached to the soil
  • With regards to the base of the pots where your cannabis is planted, there must be proper drainage so that excess water will not settle on the plant.
  • Indoor cheese has a great likelihood to flower much faster as compared to outdoor cheese.
  • This is very much fun and at the same time challenging for a novice beginner to start growing cannabis. It would indeed add up to their practice.


Type : Indica Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : Up to 600 g
Height : Short – Medium
Flowering : 60 – 65 days
Stone : Clean and Heady
THC level : High
Grow : Easy

1 review for Cheese Regular

  1. Gaetan Ferland

    I had a very good grow and excellent out come. Buds are all nicely formed and compact to the max I’m very happy with it. Very satisfied with the end result with this plant. I would definitely recommend this strain to newbies as it’s easy to grow don’t ask for much!

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