Complete Guide to Microdosing Weed

Complete Guide to Microdosing Weed

There are a lot of reasons why people consume cannabis. It can help relax after a tiring day at work, ease the pain and swelling, or even enjoy getting high. There may be different reasons for different people, and there are also different ways to enjoy cannabis. Some might enjoy getting high, while others would want to enjoy the subtle benefits that cannabis has without having to experience the mind-altering high. For those who do, microdosing weed should be your best bet. But what is microdosing weed? Why would anyone want to try it, and how is it done? In this article, learn the benefits you get from microdosing and how it’s done to satisfy your need for weed.

What is Microdosing?

Microdosing is the act of slowly consuming weed to experience its subtle effects without having to go overboard and get high. This is highly suitable for those who want the health benefits of weed either for their work or for their everyday activity but dislike the feeling of getting high. Sometimes people want to go high but would rather stay in a zone where they feel comfortable. Thus microdosing can be done to put you in this state effectively. Anything that is below 10 mg of THC can be called a low-dose product. Low-dose products are used to achieve microdosing. Anything between the range of 1 mg to 5mg of THC will only cause subtle hints of the effects; however, the potency of these products can vary from one product to another.

The general rule with regards to microdosing is to start low and slow. You will need to work your way up to a dose where you are comfortable. This way, you won’t be surprised by the potency of the low-dose product, especially if you need to wait a couple of hours for it to take effect. Most microdosing is done through the use of edibles. Edibles are quite notorious for having hidden potency. Edibles tend to take more time for the effects to take place. This allows the consumer to think that the edibles being ingested may not be working as intended, hence eating more could perhaps do the trick. On the contrary, the body is still digesting and breaking down the edibles, and once the THC is released into the bloodstream, it provides a barrage of effects that can be quite overwhelming.

For that reason, microdosing in edibles is very common and should always be done.

Why Would You Want To Start Microdosing Weed?

Microdosing weed is a great way to introduce weed products for certain individuals to try. It is also a good starting point for starting weed, especially if they want to have an enjoyable first-time experience. These low-dose products help them feel more comfortable as they can last throughout the entire day. Users of microdosing can still work, go out, and live life normally but with the subtle effects of weed and without the intimidating psychoactive effects.

Anyone who has anxiety or depression can greatly appreciate microdosing as it allows them to sustain the effects of weed throughout the entire day. This helps relieve their condition. It can even improve their quality of life.

It is also a great way for people who want to start lowering their cannabis intake. Through microdosing, the mind and body are conditioned with the subtle effects of weed without having to experience the high, thus slowly changing their tolerance level. This is a great option for those who want to quit weed as well and avoid experience the harsh effects of withdrawal.

Complete Guide to Microdosing Weed

Microdosing needs to be a systematized procedure. You will need to document your steps so that you can also see the dosage progression and the improvement of your overall experience.

  1. To start with microdosing weed, you will need to purchase edibles that have around 1mg to 10mg THC content. Edibles are great, as you can easily break them apart. If edibles are not your style, you can also use tinctures as they are designed for microdosing. You can also purchase weed capsules that dissolve when you place them under your tongue.
  2. Note that everybody has a different reaction to weed. Edibles might work for some, while tinctures and capsules might be effective for others. Some might enjoy the effects at 5mg THC, while others cannot handle the effects even at 3mg THC. Make sure that you start at the lowest possible dosage.
  3. You can start by having 2mg THC during the first hour and take another 2mg after two hours. Two hours after that, you can take another 2mg THC capsule and continue until you begin to feel the effects. Add the total number of milligrams that you’ve used to find the right dose for you.
  4. If you find yourself struggling to experience the effects, add 1mg of THC to your usual dose per your timed schedule and see if you have something to work with. Experienced users can start microdosing at around 5mg and work their way up to a much stronger dose to experience a more potent effect.
  5. Always take notes of the things that you feel and experience by starting a log or journal. Never forget to include your current dose as you can see the slow progression of your dose or servings per session. You can also look into your overall experience and see if there are any improvements to your condition or if your needs are met for the entire day. Measure each experience through a number scale so you can gauge how effective it is.


There is more than one way to enjoy cannabis. Microdosing weed is just one of the best ways to start weed and help you ease into the lifestyle. With its subtle benefits, it can help improve your life and ensure that you always get the best value of each serving. Integrating microdosing into your daily routine will keep you topped off every day without having to deal with the overwhelming high.

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