Diesel Regular

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Diesel is a sativa-dominant marijuana strain that can grow to a towering height of 300 cm tall. And because of its gigantic size, you can get as much as 950 grams of usable yield per plant outdoors. You’ll get lovely long buds with citrus, grape, diesel, and grapefruit flavors that will get you hooked instantly.

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More About Diesel Marijuana

  • Diesel has been a well-loved strain by a lot of growers and smokers alike.
  • The plants are very similar to each other thus it is a very good strain for the sea of green growing method (SoG).
  • It smells like diesel where it got its name from but if you are observant you can find that it hides a hint of citrus and even spiciness.
  • It is fresh and fruity beyond belief which combined with a subtle hint of freshly pressed hashish.
  • It requires just a few weeks of vegetative growth before being forced into its flowering stage but this depends on your personal preference. This hybrid is a quick-growing strain.
  • The CBD profile of Diesel is more on the Sativa side of it which is uplifting and euphoric. It still has its Indica side though which is very evident in its relaxing effect. This is your good companion for your night out.


Type : Mostly Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : High
Height : up to 3 m
Flowering : 65 days
Stone : Cerebral
THC level : 12 – 16%
Grow : Easy

2 reviews for Diesel Regular

  1. Bruce Hughes

    This was a fun plant to grow! It germinated quickly and then went quick than I expected. This Diesel Regular is a strong and powerful producer. The buds are extremely dense and had no problems or issues, it was great. Smells truly diesel and looks great!

  2. Erin Wright

    What I like about this strain is that it helps me with my anxiety attacks. It keeps me optimistic and made me so productive. It tastes just the way it smells, with a hint of citrus and some spiciness too. Very easy to grow, no wonder why it is the most loved strain by a lot of growers.

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