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Early Pearl Strain Seeds

Early Pearl
Early Pearl Strain Details
  • This strain is characterized by its sweet and resinous feature.
  • This type of strain is very much resistant to molds most especially even during the worst of climate.
  • It can very much handle extremely humid conditions while at the same time, maintaining its excellent potency.
  • Considering its size, expect that the yield for this is very low. However, one must have a spacious garden as the Early Pearl is fond of growing big and growing fast.
  • If one intends to grow Early Pearl while you are located in the Northern regions, it is not recommended as such plant has the least chance to survive there.
  • This is not recommended for beginning growers. One may have difficulty in letting them reach to its full term maturity given the special weather environmental conditions it requires.
  • One should be very careful when one cuts these plants as it can be the most complicated process.
  • The Early Pearl usually gets its yield as based on its size. That is the main basis, not on the bud density.
  • This is usually very fast when it comes to flowering as it may commonly take 6 to 7 weeks� tops. But don�t so much put your hopes up in its yield.
  • The smoke of the Early Pearl has its best features. It is smooth and yet it has that lemony undertone.
  • This type of strain is best when grown outdoors.
  • During its early flowering stages, it has a bushy texture and stands straight and upright.
  • While growing, it forms that large cola in the middle and it forms very quickly.
  • Buds of the Early Pearl are characterized as sweet with a sharp odor. They are green and thin.
  • When used excessively, it might produce very high psychoactive effects on the brain. It may even cause paranoia in some cases.
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Early Pearl
Strain Specifications
Type : Mostly Sativa
Climate : Outdoor
Yield : Slightly Above Average
Height : Medium High
Flowering : 50 � 70 days
Stone : Strong Lasting Effect
THC level : High
Grow : Easy

Tips for growers:

          If one intends to make the highest possible yield ever, it is recommended that such should initially be grown indoors first and later should be transferred outdoors in order to be more exposed to sunlight. During rainy or cold seasons, it is however best to remain the plant indoors so as its full-bud maturity will not be affected. Furthermore, it is recommended to allow bigger or wide spaces in between the plants in order for them to grow well and their size will not be constrained by the given space provided.

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