Growing Marijuana Seeds in Soil

Growing marijuana seeds in soil is one of the most convenient way of cultivating cannabis plants without spending too much on automated systems. Some growers may find it inconvenient because of dirt, that’s why they prefer hydroponics. Soil with good draining properties, have a neutral pH and is not compact is perfect for planting marijuana seeds. Nutrients are needed as soon as vegging period starts until flowering time but not during the seedling stage because soil contains some amount of nutrients that are able to support the growth of the young plants.

How to prepare the soil medium for growing marijuana seeds?

In using soil as medium for growing marijuana seeds, prepare it by checking the pH. If soil pH is not neutral, adjust it before planting the cannabis seedlings because acidic soil can stunt the growth of the plants. Do not just use soil coming from the backyard because it many contain some bacteria and viruses that may affect the marijuana plants, resulting to slow growth, poor yield and low quality buds. You can buy quality sterilized soil at affordable prices in several local garden shops and online stores. Among the features that you should look for in a soil to make sure of positive growing results is proper draining so water won’t clog at the bottom and drown the roots.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of growing marijuana seeds in soil?

Growing marijuana seeds in soil offers convenience, that’s why many growers choose it. Aside from being regarded as a low cost option of growing cannabis, it also offers the possibility of biological product with high revenues if the growing technique is being used properly. While it offers convenience to some, growing marijuana seeds in soil is quite an inconvenient method for others because of dirt. Compared to hydroponics, there is also higher possibility of the marijuana plants being infested with pests, molds and other soil-borne diseases.