How to Order Cannabis Seeds Online

How to Order Cannabis Seeds Online

Finally! You have decided to invest your time in learning how to grow Cannabis seeds. Because if you are not, you won’t find your way here in  this content.

Years ago, I was just like you – with almost zero knowledge about the nitty-gritty stuff on Cannabis. I didn’t even know that Cannabis and Marijuana are two same things. So surprising right? 

You may be more knowledgeable now than I was when I started, but the point is, we all come from that – from being newbies or beginners.

A few challenges could arise if it’s your first time. Diving right into it will hurt you more than help you. It’s like going to war unprepared and unarmed. The difference here, though, is that you are not really going to war, but if you are not going to prepare, you will surely lose a lot of money. And that is not so good.

Take it from my experience. Out of curiosity, I ordered cannabis online from a website that my search engine suggested to me. Because I was really impulsive, I did not bother to read the product descriptions, the review section, and the credibility of the online store that I clicked. I fell in love with their website design and it looked legit.

So to cut the long story short, I was not able to receive my orders! I contacted the store and they said in their reply which came a few weeks late, that the package was successfully delivered. Then I found out that the seeds were all stuck in customs for goodness’s sake! Although it is not the fault of the store why the seeds got stuck in customs, still, they did not try to meet me halfway – like trying to get the order back and offering me a refund or maybe just sending an apology letter for all the mishaps.

They never did. So I was left with no seeds and $150 less in my pocket. It’s a horrible experience.

My experience was the reason why this article was written – to assist beginner growers, like you, as they take their first step towards becoming expert cannabis growers.

All newbies frequently ask the question “how to order cannabis online?” since physical stores are not that common in some parts of the world. It’s a good question but more often than not, being met with incorrect answers.

Ordering cannabis seeds online can be so daunting. So in order for you to learn on how to order cannabis seeds online more effectively, below are the list of tips that you should find out before adding to cart and completing your order. 

1. Find a proven and tested Seed bank – a top priority

If you are looking for the best quality seeds, you have to first find the right seller. Because you cannot just give your trust to any Seed Bank out there. Many of them are actually just after your money but are not concerned about giving you the right service.

To avoid Seed Banks who engage in unscrupulous business, you need to check the customer reviews that they receive, not just from within their website but also from popular consumer review websites like Trustpilot or Seedfinders.

Take note of the reviews that the Seed Bank gets. Of course, there will always be no perfect seed bank out there, but just by reading the reviews and by looking at their ratings, you will know if the Seed Bank is worth your trust or not. Choose wisely.

2. Check your Seed Bank’s Customer Ratings.

While you are reading reviews from Trustpilot or Seedfinder, take time to check for comments from consumers that describe the quality of service that they get from your chosen Seed Bank.

These comments should answer questions like:

Do they consistently track your order and call the carrier until your order reaches your doorstep?

In case when the order gets stuck in custom, do they ask for the package to be returned?

Do they give refunds?

Do they send replies promptly?

These questions are essential for you to better distinguish the bad Seed Banks from the good ones. Of course, choose the latter.

3. Check Product Description and Comments regarding seed germination.

While you are shopping for the best strains out there, it is advisable that you check the product descriptions of each seed. Check if the strain has the characteristics that you are looking for.

One of the most important characteristics is seed germination. Seeds are just so fragile, and we all know that. It is high likely that when it is not properly packed, it may be damaged along the process and it may not be able to germinate no matter how hard you try.

So it’s a good practice to see if the website provides the germination rate of each seed that they distribute. Take note, “each” seed, meaning, the germination rate shouldn’t just be written somewhere once within their website but also in each product description/.

If you can’t find it in the product description, you better check the product reviews. The more positive reviews that the strain gets, the better.

Put premium on this tip because achieving the best results doesn’t end when you finally receive your seeds.

4. Test the waters – Experiment on a Few Seeds First

Experimentation is the key. Do not be so impulsive enough to buy in bulk especially if it’s your first time to purchase seeds from your chosen Seed Bank. You may end up losing and wasting a lot of money if you start growing on a large number of seeds.

This leads us to the question: How much should I buy?

Well, it still depends on your preference. In my experience, I first bought 10 seeds. When I found out that 9 out of 10 seeds grew well, while the other one did not, I immediately ordered for more. Of course, do not always expect 100% germination rate although it is possible. Just don’t set your expectations to high, buddy!

5. Prefer Bitcoin Payment

Of course, you can pay via credit card or your preferred payment option but there are certain benefits that Bitcoin payment can give you that other payment options can’t.

First, paying bitcoin keeps you anonymous, which is perfect because whether we like it or not, purchasing cannabis is still a taboo these days.

Second, this payment option is more preferred by Seed Banks. In fact, they give more discounts when you pay bitcoin.

So pay bitcoin instead and enjoy more perks!

7. Check if the Shipping’s always on time.

Seed Banks are not concentrated in one area. They are scattered across the world where cannabis is legal and allowed for distribution. Because of this, there is a high possibility that your package reaches your doorstep late, and it can be daunting.

Many Seed Banks are located in Canada and Europe. If you live in either of these countries, you are lucky, but if you are in the US or in other areas, you have to go through some hurdles first before you get your seeds.

Most growers in the US prefer Seed Banks that are located in Canada because they are more convenient choices than those located in Europe. But if your preferred Seed Bank is in Europe, you can check if they have warehouses in the US. If they have, then you know what to do.

8. Freebies!

Who doesn’t like freebies? Of course everyone loves freebies!

Good Seed Banks do not really get to promote their products in mainstream media, so one of their marketing strategies is to give free seeds. 

Free seeds means more seeds in your disposal. And the more seeds you have, the more plants you grow. But wait, here’s more! These seeds  can even last a decade if you store them properly.

So choose a Seed Bank that is not afraid to share more and give more. Because the more freebies they offer, the more savings you will get – and perhaps, more profit, if you grow Cannabis for business.

9. Be knowledgeable on Your Country’s Laws on Regulating Cannabis

Ordering cannabis seeds online is not like ordering your favorite gadget online. It is because not all countries legalize the distribution and the germination of marijuana. Many of the countries in the West are now becoming more open to it and it’s good. But if you live in a country that does not legalize the distribution, purchase, and germination of marijuana, you need to be prepared for the consequences.

That said, it is best that you research first to know if adding your favorite strain to cart and completing your order is worth the risk.

All in all, I can say, at least in my perspective, that my experience in  ordering cannabis  seeds online is significantly positive. Most of the struggles that I had to go through involve missing orders and poor service. And it’s normal. There is no perfect service out there and given the stringent rules in each country, possibilities of missing packages can happen.

But there is no need to fear. There is no need to stop yourself from pursuing the hobby of growing your own cannabis. Every challenge has its own set of solutions. And the best of them all, well, you are just lucky to find it here.

Good luck!

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