Is Buying Marijuana Seeds Legal in Canada?

Is Buying Marijuana Seeds Legal in Canada?

Although cannabis remains illegal to consume and has been for decades, there are many sources for buying marijuana seeds. If you live in Canada, it is perfectly legal to buy up to 4 kilograms of marijuana for personal consumption.

But this isn’t a law that you will find in Canada, and many are not sure whether it is legal to do so. For example, in the U.S., the federal government views marijuana use as a felony punishable by jail time, while many other countries do not.

When you buy marijuana seeds for personal consumption in Canada, you are allowed to possess them only if you are a resident of the country, and are not considered a visitor. Also, you need to be at least 18 years old in order to purchase any type of marijuana seeds. In fact, there are some areas that have strict limitations on how much you can buy at one time.

But if you are buying marijuana seeds for a business purpose in Canada, you can grow as much marijuana as you like within your own private property. There are no limits on how many plants you can grow. In the U.S, this is against the law. As with most other drugs, smoking marijuana is prohibited, and, if caught doing so in Canada, you can face penalties ranging from fines to incarceration.

Legality Issues on Cannabis Seeds

The Convention on Narcotic Drugs was signed by 180 Member countries in 1962. This was based on the context of global legislation considering marijuana as an illicit substance, but not the seed. As strictly observed, the cannabis seed is not considered a weed or a drug. The seed does not contain any narcotic components so that there is no effect on the person like getting high or stoned from it. What made it complex is that you are growing a cannabis plant from a seed.

Technically speaking, cannabis seeds are not illegal in all of the 180 countries. Theoretically, it is legal to buy seeds from marijuana just as long as they have not been germinated or grown, and that the public prosecutor cannot establish any proof that you are planning on growing them.

There are a number of countries that do not see marijuana seeds as illegal, however, it is also not considered legal, thus the complexity arises here. With this, the seed is almost often allowed, but germinating the seed is not always considered legal. Again, this is based on each country and state. So, there is a lot of ambiguity in this matter.

Short Overview of the Marijuana Law in Canada

Canada is known to have some of the toughest marijuana laws in the world. However, it has yet to put in place any form of legalization for marijuana, unlike the U.S. where it has been legalized in some states. As such, some people who are caught smoking marijuana in Canada are given probation, but others can go to jail, depending on the circumstances.

While there are no laws against growing marijuana at home, buying seeds from other countries is illegal in Canada. This is because it is considered a controlled substance, which means it cannot be sold over the counter, or through the mail, which can make importing marijuana into the country illegally. In order to grow a plant in Canada, you would need a license from Health Canada, which they provide to growers who have licenses themselves.

US Laws on Marijuana

In the United States, most places still view marijuana use as a misdemeanor, with small penalties such as a fine, and a few days in jail, depending on the location and severity of the offense. The possession of small amounts of marijuana can result in a court citation or jail time, which does not always result in a criminal record, although the judge may order a blood test.

So the answer to the question, is buying marijuana seeds legal in Canada, lies somewhere in between. There are some provinces that do not allow cultivation, and some provinces that do allow personal use, but not for commercial purposes.

When it comes to personal use, it is legal to grow up to two plants in the home, and to possess up to thirty grams of dried marijuana. With a license, you are allowed to grow to an unlimited amount of marijuana. This is different than in the U.S., where you need to grow at least six plants, including at least three indoor plants and one outdoor.

If you decide to purchase marijuana seeds from a dealer, be sure to check that they are licensed in Canada. And that the strains are legal for purchase in Canada because some seeds may still contain traces of the plant’s intoxicating compound, which can lead to a dangerous situation.

Many dealers offer free shipping if you buy weed seeds in Canada, though this may not be the case if you buy from the United States. Stateside dealers will charge extra.

Finally, some argue that buying marijuana seeds in Canada is more important than the plant itself. If you can’t afford to grow it yourself, it is better to pay a dealer to grow the plant for you, since it is much cheaper to grow than the dried flowers. This is because growing a plant is cheaper than storing the flowers, and there is no way to know when you will have the cash to purchase the plant next. For this reason, many people are looking to buy marijuana seeds in Canada.

Overall, the legality of marijuana use and consumption would depend on the country, as well as the limitation of what is allowed for a user to consume or smoke. Even patients that are dependent on marijuana for their treatment of serious illnesses are also limited to what is deemed necessary by health practitioners. Even for marijuana growers, the US has limitations or restrictions on what is allowed compared to Canada.

If you are a Canadian resident, you may want to check on what is allowed in your area. Always be careful and adhere to the laws of the state to prevent any unnecessary complications relating to marijuana.


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