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Light of Jah Strain Seeds

Light of Jah
Light of Jah Strain Details
  • The Light of Jah is often mistaken for Jack Herer.
  • It has been considered to be a Cannabis Cup winner for several of times already because of its highly unique features.
  • It gives that long lasting high that gives kick most particularly in the head.
  • The smell of the Light of Jah has that nice peppery smell and it has that fruity taste with a skunky undertone.
  • This is the result of careful and exhaustive cross-breeding various cannabis strains and also re-crossing several strains until it was able to reach the perfect strain that is the Light of Jah.
  • This is the better version of the Jack Herer coupled with cross breeding between the Haze and Red Skunk. Thus, it is able to possess the qualities of these strains without the usual hassle of longer flowering time.
  • It may also have a sweet pine-like odor which is particularly similar to the smell of the field right after it is drenched with rain.
  • The kick of the Light of Jah is very uplifting. Although it specifically targets the head and gives that �cerebral high�, it does not give a very intense effect. It may often cause the user with some moods of smiling, naughtiness, and playfulness.
  • Usually, when the effect of the high that is brought about by the Light of Jah wears off, it does not leave the user with extreme feelings of tiredness and a drained feeling.
  • It is best when grown indoors especially in the northern climates in UK, Canada or Europe.
  • It may have a very long flowering time as it may 10 to 13 weeks but it can give very incredible result as it can reach for up to 750 grams per plant in terms of yield.
  • The Light of Jah has been considered to be one of the most popular cannabis strain and these are particularly made readily accessible in the form of seed.
  • It has one of the most exceptional features and considered to be the most preferred and highly favored strain as evidenced by being a consistent winner of the Cannabis Cup.
  • Usually, the clusters of its buds glisten as evidenced by its high THC content in crystals.
10 Seeds $75.00
20 Seeds $140.00

40 Seeds $260.00

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Light of Jah
Strain Specifications
Type : Mostly Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 750 g/m2
Height : 100 cm
Flowering : 10-13 weeks
Stone : Cerebral buzz
THC level : 19-22% potent
Grow : Moderate to expert

Tips for growers:

          This is indeed very much difficult to grow and it is of this reason why this is not meant for beginners. When it comes to cultivation, only the experts are able to perfect it. It can grow very ideally in indoor climate given all the delicate and the necessary growing requirements.

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