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Mango is an indica cannabis strain with a fruity, tropical, and mango flavor and up to 20 percent THC levels. It was created by combining an Afghani indica and a KC 33 hybrid strain, which is why it’s very potent and very satisfying. You can also use Mango to naturally deal with pain, anxiety, stress, and depression.

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  • Mango is a pure Indica that is bred for outdoor cultivation to produce a good yield.
  • This cannabis plant is a large plant that shows slow growth in the beginning but will surprise you with its strong growth afterward.
  • This is a very versatile plant that can respond to any growing media and techniques perfectly well.
  • This plant grows to be a bushy and beautiful plant with massive buds the same size as your forearm. It has a very light green almost yellow color that has buds completely covered with trichosomes.
  • This is a real favourite of growers and smokers as it has a beautiful appearance and smooth taste with high potency.
  • This plant leaves a soft and sweet flavor like candy and with an excellent mellow buzz.
  • When smoked, this can be perfect for relaxing as it leaves an instant buzz leaving you to droop and warm. Its potency is very high that it lasts for almost four hours.
  • When grown indoors, it can expect a yield of about 350-450 g/sqm.
  • This plant practically grows so fast once it has established its vegetative stage.
  • This strain is perfect for chronic pain, sleep disorder, and relieves stress and depression.


          You must control Mango’s size if you have limited space. You may also want to consider moving the seedlings into 12/12 light regimen once it has established its vegetative stage for 3-4 weeks. Otherwise, you will have plants growing into every inch of your space in just a couple of weeks.

2 reviews for Mango Regular

  1. Viking Sandberg

    I can say one of the best product of yours. Good genetics, good seed. Growing it is very easy if you follow the instruction. Thanks also for the great customer service and of course the very kind lady who assist me.. More power!

  2. Tim J.

    I ordered a pack of 20 seeds from this site last month and all started to germinate well. As long as I follow the instructions, everything seems fine. I really appreciate all the questions answered by this site and I can’t help but look forward to this coming harvest. Expect more orders from me after this. Thank you!

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