Morning Glory Feminized

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Morning Glory Feminized cannabis strain is a very potent strain that was created from combining very potent landraces: a Hawaiian sativa, Afghan, and a Skunk strain. It is a sativa-dominant strain that can produce a potent stimulating high. It is also a good medicinal strain as it provides natural relief for pain, stress, anxiety, and depression.

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  • Morning Glory Feminized seeds typically yields slightly below average of all the other strains, it is around 450 grams per square meter after eight to ten weeks of cultivation period when planted indoors. Its flowering period is considered to be longer than average but it is how it develops the huge buds rich with resin. When planted indoors the typical harvesting period is early October.
  • When Morning Glory Feminized strain is left to grow on its own in the wild, it could grow into a think less bushy plant. It would still grow even with a poor quality soil and environment, but the care of an expert and attentive grower could very well produce the yields that are way favorable as well as harvest high quality THC and CBD contents. Although, the strains grown from the wild are typically picked up by a lot of breeders since this is potentially a good strain for cloning.
  • Its buds have a robust aroma that is likened to citrus and while the smoke is gentle it tastes earthy and spicy.
  • When smoked it has a relaxing effects with a combination of high that is typically ideal when one expects to go into a social activity after smoking. Some smokers describes the effects as like being swept off their feet which is attributed to its sativa properties, aside from this there is the Indica influence of feeling the body thumping high.
  • This strain is usually used by patients who are experiencing anxiety and depression due to stress. It is also good for increasing appetite for those having eating disorders. In addition, it can be used for aiding people who are experiencing Arthritis and Migraines.
  • The Morning Glory Feminized is a hybrid resulting to the combination of Hawaiian Sativa, Afghani and Skunk. The dominance of sativa properties with some Skunk influences makes it very potent.
  • Generally, Morning Glory Feminized strain is regarded to be a great seed to grow for almost any type of growers due to its resulting earthy tasting yields.


          Morning Glory Feminized is best grown outdoors under moderate climate. Such a condition highly allows the strain to produce more yields and to produce better quality. Moreover, given the right conditions, the soil in which Morning Glory Feminized should be planted must be well fertilized and it must have that perfect consistency of moisture with a neutral and well balanced pH level.

Type : Indica / Sativa
Climate : Indoor/ Outdoor
Yield : Slightly below average yield
Height : 200 cm
Flowering : 63 days
Stone : Relaxing
THC level : 15 – 20%
Grow : Easy

1 review for Morning Glory Feminized

  1. Prudenzio Angelo

    This strain is perfect for my migraine and best for my relaxation. It really kills pain and boost up your mood. If you have anxiety and depression.

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