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Orange Bud is one of the classic marijuana strain developed during the 1980s. It is a potent and very easy, simple strains to grow as it can withstand any growing environment. Orange Bud is a marijuana strain that can produce dense and very potent buds covered with rich trichome crystals.

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  • Orange Bud marijuana strain provides excellent flavor as it has a sweet flavor to it with an undertone of citrus orange scent.
  • It can be grown most especially indoors set up. It is also known to grow just right even when being grown by beginners as it is only easy to be maintained.
  • It provides just the right potency which can provide just the right performance effect due to its sufficiently enough amounts of THC level.
  • It has the ability to offer abundance in terms of harvest which can reach from 500 g/m2 to 600 g/m2.
  • The perfect form of a good quality Orange Bud is characterized by being sticky and being compact a sure sign that it is of good condition.
  • It is also a vigorous grower that can carry good stems and can grow consistently.
  • It normally has seven weeks of vegetative growth and it also covers a period of eight weeks before it can blossom.


          If you are just a beginner, growing this bud will not be as difficult for you. Generally, this is a sturdy type of cannabis strain and can basically grow without some thorough and strong maintenance. It can definitely produce some big yields and it can grow best in an indoor or in a greenhouse environment. It highly prefers sunlight but good lights could also be a good source of nutrients and would also grow best in hot temperatures.

Type : Indica / Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 500 – 600 g/m2
Height : Medium
Flowering : 9 – 12 weeks
Stone : Creative and Relaxed
THC level : 8 – 15%
Grow : Easy-Moderate

1 review for Orange Bud Regular

  1. ChristopheP

    It was pretty easy to pop up the seed and grow a nice plant. The buds have an interesting smell, taste, and appearance, this strain blends fragrance of citrus orange scent. It’s a nice smooth smoke and nice and relaxing with only a slightly narcotic effect. I would recommend growing this strain to anyone.

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