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Papaya Strain Seeds

Papaya Strain Details
  • Papaya marijuana strain belongs to a fast growing family of cannabis strains which has a high maturity level as compared to other types of marijuana.
  • It has a strong and a slightly greasy strain that has been considered to be best for gardens with lush green variety.
  • It has a unique and a distinctive tropical scent that has a similar aroma from that of a whiskey pipe.
  • The Papaya cannabis strain produces a certain type of high that can be characterized as lethargic and almost a narcotic effect.
  • Aside from it being a fast growing type of cannabis, it has a sweet scent with a slight spicy flavor. The smoke it produces has a full textured smoke.
  • It provides an interesting flavor with a reasonably high THC potency.
  • It is best used when one is just staying home while taking the time to listen to some good music or to watch some good movies.
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Tips to Growers:

          It has delicately thin branches and that the grower has to be very careful to it while trimming. Between the period of flowering, this strain will definitely grow double in size until it reaches harvest. It is being recommended that its cultivation should be fed organically. In this way, the true taste of this strain will be revealed. In hydroponics cultivation, it may also yield for up to 25%. It can be harvested earlier compared to other strains of marijuana.

Strain Specifications
Type : Mostly Indica
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 350 to 450 g/m2
Height : Short
Flowering : 7 � 10 weeks
Stone : Deep Relaxing
THC level : Extremely High
Grow : Easy � Moderate

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