Pink Panther Feminized Fast Version Marijuana Seeds


The Pink Panther Feminized Fast Version Marijuana Strain is 85% Sativa and 15% Indica. This Sativa-Dominant strain has unknown genetic lineage, but this strain contains an extremely high THC content ranging from 20% up to 24% with a 0.5% CBD level. This strain offers sweet fruity flavors such as grapes and pears, with pine and earthy aromas. Due to its high psychoactive effects, this strain is beneficial in treating different mental conditions.

The Pink Panther Feminized Fast Version Marijuana Strain is a tricky plant to develop, and it requires experienced growers to grow. This strain can be grown indoors and outdoors in dry, sunny, and warm conditions. When growing indoors, the strain has a flowering period of 8 to 10 weeks, and it can yield 280 grams per square meter of buds. The strain can produce 340 grams per plant when grown outdoors, and it will be harvested in October.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Pink Panther Feminized Fast Version?

The Pink Panther Feminized Fast Version buds release a natural smell of sweet fruity taste with pine to add more texture to its aroma. These scents are combined with the typical earthiness of marijuana, making it a pleasurable smelling strain. Its fragrances are similar to its flavors. Pink Panther Feminized Fast Version Marijuana Strain has an earthiness blend with a more fruity profile such as grapes and peaches. As the smoke twirls inside the mouth, users can notice a pine hint. Sweetness hangs on the lips on the exhale and remains until the smoke is gone. 

The Pink Panther Feminized Fast Version Marijuana Strain will hit you quick and hard. It starts with a head rush that sends pressure in the temples and eyes. Then the cerebral head rush will flow to the rest of the body and offer a mood uplifting sensation that will make the user euphoric. The consumer will feel a sudden upbeat and carefree feeling since the opposing ideas are washed away. As the high rises continuously, a jolt of positive energy will spark the user to feel good. This extra robustness will provide the user the spirit needed to finish the task or project for the day. The mind will be free from any negative thoughts, clearing the way to focused and precise attention to details. The euphoric sensation will eventually reach its peak and will allow the Indica effects to kick in. As the Indica effect feels its presence, a mild feeling of relaxation will suddenly cover the user’s body. It will begin to loosen the joints and muscles and will give a total relaxing body high. The body high can be heavy, but the user can still fulfill its function although his/her mobility is slowed but not completely immobile.

What are the Medical Benefits of Pink Panther Feminized Fast Version?

Due to its robust mood-altering high and high THC level, the Pink Panther Feminized Fast Version Marijuana Strain is usually used to cure pain-related conditions. Its anti-inflammatory and sedating properties make it a great entire medicine to alleviate chronic pains, joint pains, fibromyalgia, and muscle spasms. It allows medicinal marijuana patients to appreciate a pain-free state while being productive.

The practical high quality of this strain makes it a beneficial treatment for patients with ADHD and ADD. It offers a calmness in the nerves and mind to assist patients in becoming attentive and focus on one idea instead of multiple ideas creeping inside their head. This strain is also beneficial for alleviating chronic stress, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety, and depression. This strain relaxes the mind and body, offers mood uplifting and upbeat qualities to neutralize all the traumatic and negative thoughts that hound and cover their head. The users are sent to a pleasant land where pessimism and negativity are blocked.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Pink Panther Feminized Fast Version

The Pink Panther Feminized Fast Version Marijuana Strain is not recommended for beginners or users with a low THC tolerance. It has robust psychoactive effects that can be too much to control. Users must take precautions in overindulging this strain since this strain can cause anxiety and paranoia when consumed above-average dosage. It is advisable to slowly take a few tokes to feel its real impact before puffing some more. 

How to Grow Pink Panther Feminized Fast Version

The Pink Panther Feminized Fast Version Marijuana Strain can be very tall and will need an experienced grower to thrive and produce buds successfully. This strain can be cultivated inside the house or outside with a sunny, warm, and dry environment. Make sure to keep the humidity levels at 40%-50%, mainly during its vegetative stage, to avoid the development of bud rot. The strain should be top during the cropping period to induce upward growth. Topping the Pink Panther Feminized Fast Version Marijuana Strain will render fresh grow points for more bud production. The strain will complete its flowering period in 8-10 weeks and offer the grower 280-340 grams of high-quality buds.


Pink Panther Feminized Fast Version Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: 85% Sativa 15% Indica, Feminized
Genetics Parents: Unknown 
Flowering Period: 8-10 Weeks
Climate: Dry, Sunny, Warm
Yield: (Indoors) 280 g/m2, (Outdoors) 340 g/plant
Flavors: Sweet, Pears, Grape, Earthy, Pine
THC Level: 20%-24%
CBD Level: 0.5%
Height: Tall
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Intermediate


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