Purple Martian Kush Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds


Purple Martian Kush auto marijuana is a hybrid strain that was bred by combining Purple Kush, Martian Mean Green, and Blackberry Kush with a Ruderalis strain. These parent strains are highly competent in their individual ways. The combination of their desirable genetics resulted in a strain that is magnificent in its own right. This resulting strain is indica dominant. It generally produces calming effects to both the mind and body of its users. Hence, cannabis fans love this strain for the soothing effects they get from it. 

This strain stands out not only because of its sought after effects. It is also physically attractive. Its buds are eye catching in their purple hues. This appearance is a result of the great genetics of its parents. Growers love this strain for its quick flowering time, being an autoflowering strain. Cannabis users love the complex yet desirable flavors of this weed. Many users say that this weed is a complete package.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Purple Martian Kush (auto)

Purple Martian Kush auto has a delectable scent profile which is a mix of different aromas. Breaking up the buds releases strong aromas of sweet berries. Combusting these buds produces a smoke that now has some notes of pines in it. This smoke tastes like fruity berries with a slight kick of spice and pines. It leaves a sweet, herbal aftertaste in the palate. This is definitely a delightful experience to the sense of smell and taste. Nonetheless, users love the fruity scent and flavor this strain.

The high from smoking this strain produces relaxing effects due to its indica dominance. This starts as a cerebral rush that induces euphoria and good vibes to the minds of the users. Users may experience a heightened creativity in their imagination and concentration which is perfect for activities that require brainstorming. As this head high settles in, the body stone becomes more apparent. This body high soothes all the muscles in the body. It weighs the body down and eventually leads to a couch lock effect. This strain is perfect for nighttime use, probably before bedtime. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Purple Martian Kush (auto)

Purple Martian Kush auto is not just loved by cannabis users for its recreational uses, but also for its medical benefits. The physical and mental euphoria that this strain produces can be used to mitigate the symptoms associated with stress, anxiety, depression, and other mood related disorders. The sedating effects of this strain can also help alleviate swelling, chronic pains, muscle tensions, nerve discomforts, and other bodily aches and pains. As this strain produces a couch lock effect, it can also be helpful to patients struggling with insomnia.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Purple Martian Kush (auto)

Purple Martian Kush auto marijuana, like any other cannabis strain, can also lead to adverse effects. Most common among these are having dry eyes and dry mouth. Users who experience these conditions must drink lots of water in order to mitigate their discomfort. On rare occasions, users may also experience dizziness, paranoia, and headaches. Taking this weed in moderation is the best way to enjoy it.

How to Grow Purple Martian Kush (auto)

Purple Martian Kush auto is an easy strain to grow. It is suitable for novice growers because of its low maintenance requirement. The Ruderalis genetics makes this strain autoflowering, saving the growers from the inconvenience of changing the lighting schedule. This strain grows to be a strong plant with thick stems, making it survive in unpredictable conditions such as too much moisture in the air. The buds change into purple hues due to colder temperatures. 

This strain thrives in both indoor and outdoor setups. When grown indoors, it produces a yield of 300 grams per square meter after 7 to 10 weeks of cultivation. When grown outdoors in a warm climate, it produces a yield of 400 grams per plant by late September to mid October.


Purple Martian Kush (auto) Strain Specifications

Type: mostly Indica
Genetics Parents: Purple Kush x Blackberry Kush x Martian Mean Green x Ruderalis
Flowering Period: 7 to 10 weeks
Climate: warm
Yield: 300 g/m2 (indoor), 400 g/m2 (outdoor)
Flavors: sweet, berry, fruity, spicy, pine
THC Level: 15% to 21%
CBD Level:  1%
Height: unknown
Harvest Period: late September to mid October
Growing Difficulty: easy


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