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Skunk Strain Seeds

Skunk Strain Details
  • Skunk's THC can reach up to 20% making it a favorite among marijuana growers and smokers alike.
  • It is also a good medical marijuana strain for relieving stress and pain. It is also a good appetite stimulant. If smoked, it can make the user feel auphoric and uplifted.
  • Skunk is mostly sativa with mostly of Afghani genes on it.
  • It can produce excellent yields with long thick bud growth with a low leaf ratio. With its characteristics, it is very easy to cure after harvest.
  • Skunk is better for daytime than night-time. It gives a balanced high effect which is not too racy or too couch lackey. It is actually a good motivation booster.
  • It can be grown indoors, outdoors and at any given grow medium for as long as you are providing it with the right soil, water, light, ventilation, fertilizer and other things that a plant needs.
  • Very easy to grow thus this is also good for beginners.
  • The height of skunk differs depending on where you are growing it but in estimate it can reach up to 3 feet.
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Tips for growers:

          Skunk, when grown indoors, can flower within nine weeks. In outdoors, you can harvest it on early or mid-October. Skunk is easy to grow but it doesn't mean that you just plant it and leave it. You still need to take good care of it but not as intense as the other strains. Greenhouse skunk growing can also yield high. A lot of growers have good success with growing it in a greenhouse.

Skunk Strain Specifications
Type : Mostly Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : High
Height : 1 - 3 feet
Flowering : 63 days
Stone : Stoney High
THC level : 20%
Grow : Easy - Moderate

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