Somango Regular Marijuana Seeds

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Somango Marijuana Seeds is a fruity indica-dominant cannabis strain with high THC at 20 percent and high yields at 500 grams per square meter indoors and up to 550 grams per plant outdoors. It is a creative, energetic, focused, euphoric, happy, and sleepy strain with citrus, mango, spicy, vanilla, and earthy flavors.

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More About Somango (Regular)

A Mango Aroma To Bring You Euphoria

Are you the type of person that saves room for dessert every night after your meals? Here’s an awesome dessert for you: the Somango. The Somango is very aromatic – in just a whiff, you will not be able to deny the delicious mango flavor and fragrance that it has to offer. But not only that, the Somango is well-loved for its trusted medicinal effects, with amazing recreational benefits as well.

Aside from its wonderful taste, the Somango has an average THC level reaching a strong 20 percent. Perfect for night time use, the user will be able to feel focus, productivity, and creative thinking, while alleviating the symptoms from chronic pain, loss of appetite, insomnia, among others.

For cultivation, it usually reaches 30 to 40 cm when grown indoors and a high 180 cm grow outdoors. After the fruiting period of 9 to 10 weeks, you will be able to harvest 300 to 500 square meters for drying and curing. If you grow outdoors, the harvest that you can reap usually amounts to 550 grams per plant.

9 reviews for Somango Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Jayden Zahel

    I browse all the seeds at their website, and this one seems to be amazing for me. I started it with 5 seeds. Luckily all germinated and sprouted. Very obedient plant. Looking forward to get a good harvest!

  2. Imogen

    Somango is becoming my favorite strain. Is both energizing and relaxing – you don’t feel exhausted by your thoughts, neither with body pain because of anxiety. For me, it’s a perfect fit for evenings, especially in this lockdown environment where I don’t want to be paranoid and I want to enjoy myself, listen to some music or just think about my life. Somango is so easygoing! I order 5 seeds on the site. I did germination good, extremely good choice of fast indoor growth, it reaches 38cm heights after 8 weeks. I was able to reap about 450 square meters of yield. Don’t miss the citrus, mango, and vanilla flavor that makes me creative!

  3. Rosalie

    I am from Canada and I order this strain from, I do outdoor home growing for the first time, and I have 5 seeds, giving all my heart and soul into growing these seeds to giant plants that reach around 150cm of heights with buds completely covered with trichomes. When I smoked it for the first time it gave me a euphoric boost of happiness and relaxation, while making me hungry like never before. Overall a great strain for relief and relaxation! WOW! No other strain tastes & smells more like actual Mango. Love it! Nice Indica, chill body high! I will purchase another seed soon.

  4. Charles

    This is an interesting bud – very indica feelings for me, I was glued to a chair immediately. I’m high on this strain right now so I can also say that it doesn’t mess with your thoughts and allows you to keep a mostly clear head. Still, best to use this at nighttime because it can help me to turn into serious sleepy, I slept 11h straight last night. It doesn’t make me particularly giggly, much less talkative. I get happy and very carefree. I grew it outdoor under sunshine and got yields of around 480 grams per plant after 9 weeks. Other effects gave me good relaxation, makes me forget my problems, and keep me focused.

  5. Lea

    Somango is a very strong Indica that is perfect for falling asleep or just relaxing late at night. The nugs are amazing to look at, they have almost a frosty look to them as you can see the crystals without even having to shine a light on them. They smell very fruity and tasty! I bought 10 seeds and cultivate them outdoors. The 5 seeds are growing great, I got 520 grams per plant of yields in just 8 weeks of the flowering period. I can’t wait to see the others grows and share it with my friends so that all of us will be happy. Highly recommend.

  6. Ava

    The flowers smell like mango dense slightly sticky and it’s a nice sturdy bud. The effect is mental relaxation with body stimulation. A little creativity and concentration. It is not that difficult to grow and has an average yield. This plant is a highlight in my main entrance outdoor because it grows beautiful and strong, yields about 400 grams per plant. Honestly, on my first try, I feel kinda weird. I cannot describe my moods or my thoughts right after smoke that thing. Maybe? I am very overwhelmed with the high of this herb. Pick this for your next crop!

  7. Isabel

    Excellent strain! A citrusy and slightly earthy aroma that spreads over a large space. I purchased some Somango from because of the higher THC content. It is very fruity, pine-like. very tasteful. I can smoke it in the daytime and be comfortable doing daily tasks without getting stuck. no couchlock, but still good to relax. At the beginning of tokes, I felt a feeling of euphoria, and happiness was amazing. Each plant will yield about 450 grams per plant of buds after 10 weeks of outdoor flowering. The is the perfect strain for me! I will recommend this to my friend promise.

  8. Campo

    Good relaxation and pain relief, while inducing happiness. Its name always makes me crave a mango. Tastes like mango to me. I have to admit that in just a few tokes I tasted! By the I cultivate this strain outdoors. In just 9 weeks, I was able to enjoy its unselfish yields. It also has high enough THC levels that I found myself couch-locked. Thanks to this, I can now enjoy a relaxing evening without feeling intoxicated. It also helps me when my anxiety attacks me. I’m glad I tried this out. I will recommend this to my friends! This truly an impressive strain.

  9. Cliche

    Amazing taste, and nice feeling while smoking it. It gives me a nice journey to the next level after my 2nd puff, Where it pushes the high to the next cloud in the zone, where I can lie relaxed and unworried about everything, feeling happy and away from the problems. These are easy to grow and it gives average yields, it is also fit for beginners. It has a deep mango, spicy flavor, and floral smell. I can feel the pure Indica in this strain, it helps with my chronic pain and insomnia. I would say nighttime use only as this locks me to the sofa. Try it to believe it!

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