The Advantages of Growing from Marijuana Seeds

Growers can choose to grow from marijuana seeds or from cuttings. Some growers said that taking marijuana clones and growing them is the fastest way because the process of germination is skipped. Compared to growing from cannabis cuttings in which harvest time is earlier, more time is needed in planting marijuana seeds. Flowering time, size of the buds and size of the marijuana plants may vary if you decide to grow from seeds. Some cannabis plants may produce buds earlier than the others.

What are the advantages of growing from marijuana seeds over cannabis cuttings?

Before you start any cannabis growing activity, know both the advantages and disadvantages of starting from marijuana seeds and cuttings. Purchasing cannabis cuttings from unknown sources may have uncertain genetics and may not be of quality. When shipped, the cuttings may be stressed and would take several weeks before they can fully recover. Although growing from clones has a short turn-around time, a lot of growers still prefer to start growing from marijuana seeds. Buying marijuana seeds from a reliable seed bank will assure you of good genetics. Female cannabis plants that are grown starting from marijuana seeds are said to produce more yield as compared to those grown clones.

What are some of the disadvantages of growing marijuana seeds?

Starting your grow from marijuana seeds takes longer than growing from weed cuttings, so it would entail more money, time and effort. Buying a pack of marijuana seeds is also expensive for some growers. A pack of cannabis seeds also does not give an assurance that all seeds contained will sprout. That’s why it is very important to purchase seeds only from a reliable seed bank since they are known to be specialists in storing pot seeds without losing quality. Unlike growing from marijuana cuttings in which you can choose to grow all female plants by selecting a female mother plant, growing a pack of regular seeds may give you 50% females and 50% males.