Headband Strain Seeds

Headband Strain Details
  • The buds of the Headband have that dark green color to it. Its trichomes on the other hand have that brownish orange color to it which gives that forest looking look.
  • It has a wonderful taste to it. The smoke of the Headband automatically expands in your lungs and one can taste that pine tree undertone every time you smoke.
  • One can right away feel the results the very moment you take a sniff of it. The reason why it was named as Headband is because of the extreme potency it provides. The body movement brought forth from the ďhighĒ.
  • This is highly recommended to be given much attention especially during its vegetative state as that is the time the plants grow fast.
  • This can be best grown indoors too as it should not grow as tall as the Sour Diesel.
  • This is best for beginners as this plant does not so much require constant maintenance of nutrient provision.
  • Headband is a wonder when it comes to its flowering stage as you would see lots of purples and reds and blue when it flowers. Among other flowering cannabis, this, by far, is the most colorful.
  • The yield under hydroponics system and other methods that require no soil is very much great compared to other types of growing.
  • It is not picky when it comes to choosing the right environmental conditions for its survival.
  • It has a very extreme potency. One must never go to public places after taking the Headband.
  • When taken excessively, it will affect your speech and motor skills considering the euphoric effects it provides for the body.
  • This is best taken when one has chronic pain, wants to increase appetite, or wants to be remedied with his/her sleeping disorder.
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Headband Strain Specifications
Type : Mostly Indica
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : High
Height : Short
Flowering : 63 days
Stone : Uplifting
THC level : High
Grow : Easy

Tips for growers:

          In order to have that better taste of the Headband, one should limit the use of nitrogen when it comes to growing it using other growing boosters. Moreover, if one wants to bring out the flavor of the Headband, it is highly preferable to use the soil method but know that a no-soil method is best if you want higher yields. When flowering, it is best to pump up the nutes of the Headband especially when its hairs are starting to turn brown. This is indicative that the plant will be soon reaching its last growing stage.