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Get ready to grow cannabis plants at the quickest time with fast version cannabis seeds. Fast version seeds are exactly what they are; these are fast versions of the cannabis strains we all know and love. Grab your fresh, ready to grow fast version seeds with the fastest germination time guaranteed only at MJ Seeds. And if you’re looking for affordable, yet good quality seeds, you’ll find these here along with free shipping and free seeds for qualified orders.

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What are fast version cannabis seeds?

Fast version cannabis seeds will grow fast-growing cannabis plants. These plants will be ready to harvest in just six to eight weeks after germination. Fast flowering cannabis plants are also photoperiod plants as these will require a 12-hour light and 12-hour dark schedule until these blooms. But instead of waiting too long for buds to form and be ready for harvest, the plants will be blooming like crazy in less time.

Fast version seeds are also regular seeds as these can be male or female. If you want to breed new strains or grow seeds, fast version seeds can give you results the soonest time possible.

Take note that fast version seeds are not the same as autoflowering seeds as these will grow plants that still require a lighting schedule for flowering. Autoflowering plants don’t need this schedule. Also, fast version plants are larger than automatic plants and of course, auto plants are mostly feminized plants while fast version seeds can be male or female. You will only know the gender of your plants during the pre-flowering period.

Why use fast version cannabis seeds?

Many growers turn to fast version cannabis seeds because of the following reasons:

  • Fast version seeds will make you harvest quickly

Fast version plants are perfect for people who want to get more profits from their cannabis growing ventures. This strain will help you harvest faster compared to regular strains and autoflowering strains.

  • You can grow and harvest weed twice or thrice a year

As with automatic strains, fast version seeds will help you harvest quickly and grow more plants twice or thrice a year if growing conditions are right.

  • You can breed new strains quickly

If you’re interested in breeding new strains and don’t have time to wait then you must use fast-flowering strains.

  • You can grow male and female cannabis plants faster

You can cultivate your males and females faster so you can go ahead and create new strains or check on the progress of your newly-created hybrid strain.

Are there techniques to grow fast version cannabis seeds?

Because fast version cannabis seeds are also photoperiod seeds, you must follow a strict 12-hour light and 12-hour dark period to coax your plants to bloom. This schedule must be followed strictly, especially the 12-hour dark period as failure to do so will make your plants revert to the vegetative stage.

If you’re growing cannabis for seeds or you want to create new strains, you don’t have to remove male plants in your growing area. But if you need weed then you must diligently identify the male plants and remove them.

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